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What if Sherlock Holmes was a consulting guitarist? You've got him on retainer to solve your case...and he's got email. He'll answer all of your questions. Yeah - think of it like that.

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Unlimited answers to all of your questions.

The Full Metal Access subscription is just what it sounds like: unlimited email access, for guitar help whenever you need it. Ask me anything you want about music theory, neck knowledge, jamming, improvisation, and songwriting - you know, all that stuff you thought you’d never understand - and get precise, personalized answers, tailored to your unique playing situations.

With a degree in Classical Composition from Berklee, I've been through the painful struggle that all Metal guitarists share, and have asked the same question: How does all this music theory, improvisation, and songwriting stuff fit together? How can I combine all of it into Metal? How can I mine the iron ore found in classical, jazz, fusion, rock, blues, and forge it into Metal Steel?

Today, I can confidently provide those answers - and with MGA’s Full Metal Access subscription, I can answer your individual questions, about your unique guitar problems, whenever you have them. And best of all, you’ll get this individually-tailored info via the convenience of email!

Is this for everybody? Probably not. Keep in mind that the Full Metal Access subscription is designed for Metal guitarists who are ready to focus on music theory, jamming and improvisation, and riff writing / songwriting. The email format is best suited to these areas of your guitar development (rather than raw technique and speed). With your Full Metal Access subscription, you can make real, measurable progress - at your own pace, and on your own schedule.

Speeding Bullets

  • Unlimited email access
  • Your pace, your schedule
  • Answers to your unique questions
  • Master theory, jamming, writing
  • Detailed attention to your progress

Monthly Subscription

Full Metal Access lets you get Brett’s response on any guitar question you can think of. You’ll get unlimited email access, and will be charged $97 each month, securely through PayPal. You can unsubscribe at any time.
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