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If You Want to Play Better...

Don't Mind Hard Work...

Like the Idea of Mastery, not Shortcuts...

Then let me tell you why Metal Guitar Academy trumps YouTube and other guitar instruction gimmicks.

And, how you can increase your speed, stamina, power, and neck knowledge...

Fellow Metal Guitarist,

Metal Guitar Academy isn’t for wimps, whiners, or “shred apologists” afraid to admit they can’t play fast (and say they don’t want to. Right.)

It’s for the rest of us.

It’s for the guitarist who works hard for a living, and wants to make the most of their limited practice time. Who understands the musical value of powerful, accurate technique (and the freedom it brings). Who’s willing to trade some mental and physical sweat to play and understand the guitar better than the majority (who just passively browse YouTube).

It’s for guitarists who aren't afraid to take a good, hard look at the current state of their technique. Who don’t mind admitting that their knowledge of music theory and the guitar neck could be better (a lot better). And then get motivated to make a plan, not excuses.

Metal guitar has advanced over the years (both in technique and musical sophistication) as a direct result of players like you and me - guys that refused to stop raising the bar for what they could do. And guitar educational materials - especially during the 80s and 90s - started to advance as well. Magazines, books, and VHS videos increased in quality; this trend nourished and supported the Metal guitar ecosystem, and brought technical and musical advancement within the reach of the average player.

Unfortunately, as a pro player and instructor trained within this ecosystem of books, magazines, and actual master-to-apprentice human contact (at Berklee College of Music), I can see something going on...

With YouTube, we are witnessing an “Extinction Event” for great guitar education.

Over the last five years (out of the twelve years spent working with private students), I have seen irrefutable evidence that YouTube has become the worst guitar education trend ever.

No organization. No logical sequence. Dubious quality. Contradictory information. Foundational skills, out the window. Amateur content. I could go on - but I believe your own experience attempting to learn guitar with YouTube probably means I don’t have to.

If you understand why learning guitar on YouTube is a flawed model, then you’ll understand why I had to change the way guitar is taught.

The material from Metal Guitar Academy is old-school, and at the same time, forward-thinking. Old-school, because I’ve seen the evidence first hand - the results obtained with books and audio programs (studied privately, or with a teacher) far surpass the “results” most players try to achieve online. Just because something is new, doesn’t automatically make it better.

MGA books and courses are forward-thinking because of the clarity, detail, and depth of the instruction. This material is a result of my own journey - that of a Metal-obsessed (but not naturally gifted) player, who over the course of 25 years, through struggle, passion, and hard work, has become a pro player, instructor, and author - capable of playing and writing music that I never would have thought possible.

It’s this hard-won battle that makes the technique books and courses from Metal Guitar Academy so effective. If there’s a technique challenge, believe me, I’ve been through it - and can show any player the path to mastering it.

But, what good is technique if you don’t know how to use it musically? Understanding music theory and successfully applying it to Metal and the guitar has been an obsession of mine ever since attending Berklee College of Music and graduating with a degree in Classical Composition.

Through the years, it’s been my experience that music theory concepts are too often taught poorly, and made more confusing than they need to be. The philosophy behind every Metal Guitar Academy music theory book or course is this: Just because something is advanced, doesn’t mean it needs to be confusing.

There’s a saying (I’m not sure the origin) that goes something like this: “Become the person that you needed before.” With MGA, I’ve strived to create clear, practical, and effective guitar educational materials that I wish I’d had, years ago as a student.

Thanks for taking the time to explore what Metal Guitar Academy can offer you - the serious student of the guitar. It’s an honor for me to help you reach your potential as the best guitarist that you can be.