90 Minutes of Knowledge.

Plus an Intense Daily Workout!

"Wow! Very comprehensive and to the point. From how to hold the pick, to scales and riffs, in <90 minutes! I already play the acoustic guitar for years, but still found insight in the later part of the video. I would highly recommend this to any beginner. You are obviously an excellent teacher as well."

Kirk W. - YouTube Comment


Beginner's Bootcamp

  • Watch right on YouTube
  • Designed for total guitar noobs
  • Head off any bad hand habits
  • Advantages of different ways to sit
  • How to eliminate string noise
  • Power chord strategies
  • Understand scales and how they’re used
  • Effective speed-building exercises
  • Techniques to practice chord changes
  • How to start jamming & improvising
  • Important ingredients for awesome solos
  • Fast, clean hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • Find any note, anywhere on the neck
The Ritual

The Ritual

  • Daily stamina & power routine
  • Effective for everyday practice
  • Right and left hand coordination
  • Finger independence
  • Strength-building for both hands
  • Accompanying YouTube audio vid
  • Challenge yourself to follow along
  • Great for guitarists at any ability level

Why The Right Info - Right Away - Is So Important.

The very Beginning stage of learning guitar is by far the most important. It takes a watchful eye for detail, an understanding of the many pitfalls that Beginners face, and a clear understanding of the big picture (i.e. what to focus on), in order to make the most of this initial learning window.

As a private instructor for over 15 years, I understand the challenges that you face as a Beginning Guitar player - and have become an expert at guiding you through them. I wasn’t naturally talented at the Guitar either. Like you, I struggled - a lot.

I still remember what it was like - the frustration of not knowing what to do, how to do it right, and (most frustrating of all) not being able to find the help that I needed. This Beginner’s Bootcamp is something that I’ve created in order to change all of that - putting something comprehensive, detailed, and practical out there, free, for any Beginner to benefit from. In fact, it’s something that I wish I’d had as a Beginner (that’s also probably why I made it!)

Unfortunately, most instructors, books, and courses don’t take Beginners seriously. That’s not the case here. Grab this Bootcamp (and The Ritual daily workout), right now while you’re thinking about it. You simply will not find something like this anywhere else.

Brett Miller - Metal Guitar Academy