Technique and Theory
Guitar Books

Once Upon a Time, Before the Internet...

There were these things called Books.

They didn’t need to be charged. No rewinding, either. You could get really, really good by working through them, page by page. Great guitar books were rare, but if you found one, you kept it in your guitar case...

You’re going to need a bigger case.

Beginner Guitar

Beginner Guitar: No Wimps

Total guitar noob? Master the 21 Sessions herein, and you'll build the physical and mental foundations necessary for becoming a great player.
Magickal Writes

Magickal Writes: Guitar Practice Journal

Plan, journal, and organize up to 200 daily practice sessions - all while retaining the flexibility and scope that an effective practice regimen demands.
Sweep Picking

Sweep Picking: Steam Powered

Over 60 pages and 400+ examples, with detailed explanation, fingerings, and pick directions. The definitive book on sweep picking.
Speed Picking

Speed Picking: Daily Guitar Gains

Dramatically increase your speed and stamina with this intensive, daily picking program. Do you have the right philosophy about speed practice?
Modes No More Confusion

Modes: No More Confusion

Clear, comprehensive, and concise introduction to modes. Grasp the 3 “master principles”, and learn to build, use, and understand any mode.

The Chord Book: Movable Chord Shapes

Packed with chords, simple to look up, and designed for effective memorization. Tons of movable chord shapes for prog metal and fusion.
Metal Guitar Practice Strategies

Metal Guitar Practice Strategies: Techniques to Turbocharge Your Progress

You might know what to practice, but it’s how you practice that’s been holding you back. No book has tackled this vital guitar issue - until now.
Modes Mastered

Modes? Mastered! : Advanced Guitar Applications

Unlock the modes with pentatonics, arpeggios, linear playing, and more. Over 100 pages of the when, where, and how of advanced modal playing.

Technique & Music Theory

The answer is "Yes". You need both of these twin-pillars to be a great guitarist.


It comes down to this: you can either play something, or you can’t. No excuses. With MGA books, you’ll build an indestructible foundation. Use them to continually increase your power...the power to play anything.


Music is de-volving, and any hack is now called an “artist”. In reality, very few have earned the title. Join the vanguard that protects our great musical heritage - master music theory’s magic, and wield it against the Machine.

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