Magickal Writes: Guitar Practice Journal

If guitar practice were physics, then the Practice Talisman wheel in Magickal Writes would be E=mc2.

Not Just a Journal - It's a Radically New Practice System

Have you ever used a “daily planner” journal for work or school? If so, you’ve probably realized something - they’re all pretty much the same, no matter how the author tries to spin it. Guitar practice journals and guitar practice planners are no different. There’s many out there, but are there many original ideas in guitar journals? There hasn’t been…until now.

"Magickal Writes" is a groundbreaking and unique take on a guitar practice journal. This effective practice session strategy, developed over years of private instruction experience, is crystallized into a never-before-seen tool called the Practice Talisman. Here’s how it works:

Each page of the book covers two practice sessions. Pre-plan and document, in detail, your practice routines in three core areas of your playing - Technique, Memorization, and Improvisation. You’ll hit all three areas during each practice session, while maintaining the flexibility of choosing how much time you have that day, and of what specifically to practice in each area.

Simple. Efficient. Yet highly effective. Give the Magickal Writes Practice Talisman a try, and re-capture the focus and discipline you know your practice routines are missing.

Speeding Bullets

  • Room for 200 daily practice plans
  • Continual progress in three key areas
  • Detailed introduction
  • Built-in time flexibility
  • Pre-plan for maximum results

Book Formats

  • Print Edition