Modes? Mastered! - Advanced Guitar Applications

When someone shows you something, ever smacked yourself on the head and exclaimed “How did I never see that before?” It might happen a lot here, so please wear a helmet.

Advanced Modal Concepts, Clearly Explained

When it comes to playing guitar, and when it comes to music theory, things aren’t always as they seem. There are concepts and techniques, literally hidden in plain view, that most guitarists will go through their whole lives not seeing. Unless, that is, someone (or some book) points it out. “Modes? Mastered! : Advanced Guitar Applications” will get you utilizing the modes in ways that most players never will. And it sounds really, really cool.

The book is uniquely organized to focus on your ears, just as much as your hands. Every concept and technique is presented within the framework of each specific mode. This makes it easier to memorize and apply what you learn on a mode-by-mode basis, so that you can apply it to practical playing situations as quickly as possible. Feel like boning up on Phrygian? Just open the “Phrygian” section, and all the material is there in one place.

You’ll explore modal harmony, and learn how to identify and construct modal chord progressions - and along the way, you’ll understand exactly when and where to use each mode. Transform ordinary pentatonic fingerings and scales into hidden modal patterns, and use triad arpeggios in new ways - unlocking the sound of any mode to use in your solos. Master an easy-to-memorize two string pattern for each mode, and inject new life into your phrasing with linear lines. Learn how to use the “Master Scale Fingering” for quickly playing any mode, anywhere on the neck. With “Modes? Mastered!” you’ll accomplish all of this - and more - in record time.

Speeding Bullets

  • Know when and where to use each mode
  • Use pentatonic scales modally
  • Write modal chord progressions and riffs
  • Efficiently organized according to mode
  • Get modal sounds from arpeggios
  • Navigate the entire neck with each mode