Modes: No More Confusion

For guitarists, there’s hardly anything out there scarier than modes. And, hardly a guitar subject more poorly taught. It’s a ridiculous situation. Or at least, it was.

Clear, Concise, and Practical Intro to Modes

Are you a guitarist who’s fuzzy about modes? You’ve heard the names - you know, those weird ones like “Phrygian” - and you know that a lot of your favorite players use them. Maybe you can even play a couple of finger patterns (in one place, of course!) It’s still a confusing subject for you - but you sense intuitively that knowing more about modes would make you a better player.

“Modes: No More Confusion” is the most comprehensive introduction to modes that you will ever find. Clear and concise, this Master Manual from Metal Guitar Academy starts right from the beginning, and assumes no prior knowledge on your part. You’ll learn what modes are, where they come from, how to recognize their sounds, and why guitarists use them instead of other scales.

There are three “master methods” for understanding modes - three different ways of thinking about them, all leading to the same answers. “Modes: No More Confusion” takes you down all three paths, and shows you which way is the most appropriate for different musical situations. The result? Total comprehension about how modes work, and how to build and play them, all in one concise and readable book. There’s simply no good reason to be confused by modes any longer.

Speeding Bullets

  • Learn to build and play any mode
  • Comprehension, not just memorization
  • Recognize the sound of any mode
  • No prior knowledge needed
  • 3 "Master Methods" of understanding
  • Portable 5.5 x 8.5 size