Speed Picking: Daily Guitar Gains

Lightning-fast picking is a lot like muscle: anyone can develop it, but most won’t. If your mind is made up, you’ve just found the right plan. Now you just need to work it.

A Daily Program to Destroy Your Speed Limits

“Speed Picking: Daily Guitar Gains” provides a detailed road map leading straight to your picking destination: a town called Devastating Speed! These exercises and drills cover all aspects of alternate picking: 2-note-per-string, 3-note-per-string, string skipping, double up-strokes, double down-strokes, linear single-string, arpeggio string crossing, and more. It's all organized into an unique daily program of "Sets", designed to get you practicing and making gains every single day. Open to any page and start ripping, or follow the regimen and build up to an intense 2-hour picking workout. Flexibility is built into the program.

There’s a specific method behind the madness of this intensive book - a philosophy about developing picking speed and stamina. Highly akin to building muscle in the gym, developing lightning-speed picking takes dedication, patience, and most importantly, a solid plan to follow through with daily. This one-of-a-kind book provides that daily plan, and with enough variation to keep things interesting.

Practice tips are provided for each of the 120 challenging picking drills, with Tempo Tally sidebars on each of 60 pages. What’s that? Places to keep track of your metronome setting for each drill - so you can stay organized and continually push your limits. Never waste time again practicing slower than you should be!

"Daily Guitar Gains" includes a detailed introduction, so that you can use this program for maximum results. Also included is a "Picking Primer", and a bonus 14-minute video detailing important tips and strategies for effective practice routines.

Speeding Bullets

  • Unique daily program
  • Pick directions and fingerings included
  • 60 pages, 120 challenging drills
  • All aspects of alternate picking
  • Practice tips for every speed drill
  • Tempo Tally to keep track of speed

Book Formats

  • Print Edition
  • PDF Download