Sweep Picking: Steam Powered

Careful! You might just become obsessed with sweep picking. After all, there’s never been a sweep picking book as thorough, detailed - and useful - as this one.

The Definitive Book on Sweep Picking

“Sweep Picking: Steam Powered” was designed from the beginning with one result in mind: total control when sweeping anywhere on the neck. Unlike most players, who can only sweep a handful of the “big” shapes (the ones that everyone uses ad nauseum), you’ll explode your creativity by mastering sweep picking in a modular way. By learning two, three, four, five, and six-string sweep shapes, you’ll be able to connect them in ways only limited by your creativity (and amount of practice time!).

Not only is “Sweep Picking: Steam Powered” organized smartly according to string groups, it’s also uniquely organized in another way: all string combinations and sweep patterns are laid out with “rhythmic feel” of 3, 4, and 5 - so that you can use them in any conceivable musical situation.

With a technique manual, practicality should be key. This book is 100% technique-focused, with no confusing music theory. “Sweep Picking: Steam Powered” is all TAB, with every left hand fingering and right hand pick direction included, for each and every example - all 400+ of them.

Speeding Bullets

  • Over 60 pages of 400+ detailed examples
  • Pick directions and fingerings included
  • All TAB, no music reading required
  • Rhythmic groupings (3, 4, and 5)
  • All strings, all possible combinations
  • 100% technique-focused, no theory