The Chord Book: Movable Chord Shapes for Guitar

Serious guitarists don’t want 10 pages of the same chord, written on every fret. They want 10 shapes for a chord, written on one page. And tons of chords. You’re welcome.

Memorize Chords Fast, for Metal, Fusion, and Prog

Can something as simple as a guitar chord book be improved? Made more practical, easier to use? Actually be something a metal guitarist would want to use? Absolutely - and “The Chord Book: Movable Chord Shapes for Guitar” from MGA is the proof. If you’re a metal guitarist looking to expand your ears and extend your creativity - there’s no better way to do it than with chords.

This book is designed for the serious player who wants to increase their chord knowledge. In other words, it’s for guitarists who want to memorize tons of chords, and learn how to build them (with the unique “Build It” feature), as well as play them. “The Chord Book” contains massive amounts of chord voicings (over 275), all movable - which means you can play them anywhere on the neck. The position of the root note is clearly marked in each chord voicing, for easy memorization. In addition, all of the chord shapes are ideal for use with a pick, with muted strings indicated.

There are so many chords here that being able to look them up quickly is key. The book is organized smartly and efficiently by chord family, for easy reference. They’re all here, from mundane (Major and Minor) to bizarre (7b9sus4), and everything in between. Whether you’re looking to get faster at sight reading, or looking to add more interest and harmonic sophistication to your writing, these chords are essential sounds for prog metal, fusion, and jazz. And now, you can find them all together in one easy to use, comprehensive, and concise book.

Speeding Bullets

  • Over 275 movable chord shapes
  • Voicings optimized for use with pick
  • All root notes and fingerings indicated
  • Organized by chord family
  • Great for prog metal and fusion
  • Unique "How to Build It" feature