Big Mode Download

The “Extra Value Meal” of Guitar Mode instruction. Total modal immersion, from comprehensive overview to advanced applications. Two books, two accompanying audio programs - one Big Mode Download.

Total Modal Immersion

Metal Guitar Academy's “Big Mode Download” package is exactly what it sounds like: tons of modal guitar instruction, in one insanely value-priced package. Get “Modes: No More Confusion” in both its digital book form, as well as its accompanying audio course (a $30 value, exclusive to this package). Use the book when you’ve got your guitar in your hands, and use the audio program when you don’t - in the car, on the train, or wherever and whenever you can listen.

After absorbing the most comprehensive and concise introduction to modes there is, move on to the next book, “Modes? Mastered!” for even more advanced and practical concepts - applied to all of the modes. When you’re away from the guitar, hear all of these advanced sounds and strategies applied to the Lydian mode with MGA’s exclusive “Lydian Mode: Advanced Guitar Applications“ audio course (another $30 value, only available with “Big Mode Download”)

Still cynical? Learn more about each book and course in the Big Mode Download bundle:

Modes: No More Confusion (Book)

Modes: No More Confusion (Audio Course)

Modes? Mastered! (Book)

Lydian Mode: Advanced Guitar Applications (Audio Course)

Speeding Bullets

  • Know when and where to use Modes
  • Hear and create Modal chords and riffs
  • Modal solos and licks performed
  • Listen and learn anywhere
  • Modal pentatonics and arpeggios
  • Master any Mode across the neck

Immediate Download

"Big Mode Download" is a bundle package. You'll get two books ("Modes? Mastered!" and "Modes: No More Confusion"), as well as two audio courses ("Lydian Mode" and "Modes: No More Confusion"). Over 150 pages and 75+ minutes of MP3 audio - this is the Big Mode Download.
MP3 and PDF 75+ Minutes Audio / 150+ Pages Text