Full Metal Access

What if Sherlock Holmes was a consulting guitarist? You've got him on retainer to solve your case...and he's got Internet. He'll answer all of your personal guitar questions... Yeah, think of it like that!

Clear answers to all your questions.

Full Metal Access is exactly what it sounds like: personalized instruction, for guitar help whenever you need it. Got a specific question about (or problem with) your playing? Ask MGA’s Brett Miller, and get precise, personalized answers, tailored to your unique situation.

Brett will record a video just for you, demonstrating how to solve your problem, and will upload it to your own private playlist on the Metal Guitar Academy YouTube channel (no one but you will see it!) Included with your video will be a custom PDF, with exercises and examples notated in TAB - as well as a detailed written explanation. You’ll get this ultra-personalized instructional package for only $40, to revisit again and again. You’ll even get to ask a follow-up question (right in the Comments section of the video) for no additional charge.

Full Metal Access is super easy and convenient - simply email Brett with your question or playing problem (you'll get a "Welcome" PDF right after Checkout, with a special Full Metal Access email address). Brett will confirm receipt ASAP, and get to work on your custom learning material.

If you’ve ever wanted personal guidance from a pro Metal guitarist, author, and instructor (with a degree from Berklee College of Music), then Full Metal Access is for you!

Speeding Bullets

  • Custom video
  • Your pace, your schedule
  • Answers to your unique questions
  • Technique, theory, jamming, writing
  • Detailed explanations

Personal Instruction

Full Metal Access lets you get Brett’s response to any guitar question you can think of. You’ll get a custom video, custom exercise(s), and a detailed written explanation. You'll be charged $40, securely through PayPal.