Lydian Mode: Advanced Guitar Applications

Most Lydian instruction: “Here’s a scale pattern, now get outta’ here.” Your reaction: “But how do I use it?” Exactly. If it doesn’t make sense you won’t be making music. Period.

Understand the Whys and Unlock the Fretboard

One of the biggest questions that guitarists have about modes is “Where should I use them? How do I know when?”. Strangely, most guitar instruction tends to leave out the answers to this important question - leaving you knowing how to play a mode, but not what to do with it. With “Lydian Mode: Advanced Guitar Applications”, answering this all-important question is built-in from the beginning. You’ll master the Lydian mode, not only on the fretboard, but in your head too.

Experience the Lydian section of the popular “Modes? Mastered!” book from MGA, transformed into an audio and PDF course that can be listened to anytime and anywhere. Expand your riff and songwriting ability by delving deep into Lydian harmony. Create chord progressions that are tailor-made for using this mysterious sounding scale. Hear the Lydian scale incorporated into licks and solos - and learn how and when to apply this mode to your own writing. All of the playing examples are performed for you, with spoken, detailed instruction.

You’ll learn how to turn pentatonic scales you already know into vehicles for Lydian soloing. Understand how arpeggios can be used in a brand new way to get a Lydian sound - and learn to use them all across the neck. Master the methodology for quickly building and playing any Lydian scale, anywhere that your hands happen to be on the fretboard. Discover a movable, easy to memorize two-string linear pattern for Lydian, as well as the larger “master pattern” across all six strings. Included in the PDF example workbook, you’ll also get the unique Lydian Quick Reference sheet. See all the concepts covered in the course at a glance, applied to every specific Lydian mode, for quick practical application and memorization.

Speeding Bullets

  • Know when and where to use Lydian
  • Hear and create Lydian chords and riffs
  • Real-world Lydian solos and licks performed
  • Quick Reference sheet included
  • Activate Lydian pentatonics and arpeggios
  • Master any Lydian scale across the neck

Immediate Download

"Lydian Mode: Advanced Guitar Applications" contains over 42 minutes of MP3 audio, with an 18 page PDF workbook. Simply un-zip the file, and import into iTunes, Google Play, or any other music player.
MP3 and PDF 42 Minute Audio / 18 Page Workbook