Modes: No More Confusion!

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could read your mind, take all of your questions about modes, and record the answers for you? With musical examples, too. Sure would be nice.

Modes Demystified, Decoded, and Demonstrated

If you could practice anytime - while driving, exercising, cleaning, commuting - it would do wonders for your guitar playing. Trouble is, you need your guitar to practice, right? Wrong! Most players forget that ear training is a vital form of guitar practice...and you can listen anywhere you’ve got speakers or headphones.

With modes being a confusing subject for so many guitarists, this extra ear training time could make a huge difference. And now, there’s an audio program that lets you do just that - while taking your knowledge of modes to the next level. With “Modes: No More Confusion”, you’ll uncover the whats and whys behind modes, and apply all of it practically to your playing right away.

Discover the 3 “Methods of Mastery” that lead you to total modal comprehension - Sound Pattern, Parent Scale, and Characteristic Pitch. Learn to recognize the sound of the modes, and identify them in songs and solos. Hear modes in context, with real-world examples performed for you. Discover the “One Scale to Rule Them All”, and use it to play any mode, anywhere on the neck. “Modes: No More Confusion” features MP3 audio, so you can import the course right into iTunes, Google Play, or any other listening platform. And of course, included for viewing on any phone, tablet or computer, is the PDF workbook containing every example from the audio. Listen to and study all this modal material, anytime - with or without your guitar.

Speeding Bullets

  • 3 Methods of Mastery for understanding modes
  • Hear real-world examples of using modes
  • Learn the one scale for playing any mode
  • Great for ear training anywhere, anytime
  • Real comprehension, not just memorization
  • Linear fingerings for each mode

Immediate Download

"Modes: No More Confusion!" contains over 35 minutes of MP3 audio, with a 10 page PDF workbook. Simply un-zip the file, and import into iTunes, Google Play, or any other music player.
MP3 and PDF 35 Minutes of Audio / 10 Page Workbook