Beginner's Bootcamp
Rhythm Guitar!

Beginner's Bootcamp: Rhythm Guitar!

Play your favorite songs, and jam with friends. As a Beginner, that's why you picked up the guitar in the first place, right? But to get there, you'll need the four essential skills of Rhythm Guitar - and the right program to master them quickly.

Metal Mercenary

Metal Mercenary

Sign up now for the 30-Day Rhythm Guitar Bootcamp! You'll get four weekly lesson plans with tons of expertly-crafted exercises, access to the private YouTube playlist with videos for each example, and four live group Q&A Webinars with Brett during the course!

Full Metal Access

Full Metal Access

Full Metal Access includes everything in the Rhythm Guitar Bootcamp, plus personalized instruction! Brett will answer your questions via email, and with videos created just for you - accessible on your own private playlist, on the MGA YouTube channel! (Limited to 20 students).

About The Program

Beginner's Bootcamp: Rhythm Guitar! is a 30-day, technique-oriented program that combines detailed Exercises, explanation & demonstration videos, and live Q&A webinars.

You'll receive a lesson plan each week (in PDF format), covering the four most important skill-sets for Rhythm Guitar playing: Chord Changes, Strumming, Power Chord Riffing, and Muting.

Each lesson plan is designed for 4 days of practice (leaving three days per week of "wiggle room") since, let's face it, you're busy and time can be scarce! There are 16 focused, results-oriented Exercises in each lesson plan, for a total of 64 in the full Rhythm Guitar program. This is designed to give you maximum "replay value" too, just like a good video game. You can revisit the program at any time in the future!

There is an accompanying video for each Exercise, demonstrating it in detail. You'll gain access to a private YouTube playlist, so that you can check these videos out on your phone, tablet, or computer whenever you like.

In addition, Brett will hold a 45 minute Q&A Webinar each week during the Rhythm Guitar program, where he will diagnose specific problems, and prescribe a solution - so that you can learn from other participants' (and your own!) trouble areas.

If you select the Full Metal Access tier, you'll also get personalized instruction from Brett during the program. Ask questions via email, or access your own, private playlist on the MGA YouTube channel, which you can use to send videos of yourself playing. Brett will send short, customized videos back to you, addressing the specific issues or questions that you have. It's like having him on retainer for a whole month!