Unleash Your Speed: How to Shred On Guitar!

Increase your speed, stamina, and power with the Four Pillars of fast guitar. Legato, Speed Picking, Sweeping, and Tapping - it’s time to show that metronome who’s boss.

A Proven Path to Devastating Speed and Power

You're on a mission - to play faster and better guitar than ever before. With "Unleash Your Speed: How to Shred on Guitar", you’ll get your hands on the secret weapon that’s helped scores of guitarists around the world say “Mission Accomplished”. This comprehensive course delivers the goods: 60 minutes of audio and a PDF example workbook, with technique building strategies and exercises for legato, speed picking, sweep picking, and tapping.

You won’t just read the examples in the 20-page workbook - you'll hear them all performed at both slow and fast speeds, along with detailed explanation and instruction. “Unleash Your Speed” features MP3 audio, so you can import the course right into iTunes, Google Play, or any of your favorite listening platforms. Absorb the shred anywhere and anytime you can listen to music.

In addition to the tons of examples, licks, and exercises, you’ll also get “Rise of the Guilds”, an original shred etude featuring all four speed techniques: legato, speed picking, sweeping, and tapping. Included with “Rise of the Guilds” is the orchestral backing track (at both full and half speed) so that you can challenge yourself by shredding along. “Unleash Your Speed” is designed for players at any level - you can jump into this course right away and gain the benefits immediately.

Speeding Bullets

  • Legato, speed and sweep picking, tapping
  • 60 minute audio with 20 page PDF
  • Hear every example at slow and fast speeds
  • Designed to help any skill level play faster
  • Shred etude with backing tracks included
  • Listen anywhere, anytime with MP3 audio

Immediate Download

"Unleash Your Speed" contains over 60 minutes of MP3 audio, with a 20 page PDF workbook. Simply un-zip the file, and import into iTunes, Google Play, or any other music player.
MP3 and PDF 60 Minutes of Audio / 20 Page Workbook