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Earning & Burning

Are you a music store owner? A private guitar teacher? In a band with a following? All you need is a PayPal account, and you’ll earn 40%, automatically, on sales originating from your unique link. Getting paid to spread the Shred? That’s what being a Metal Guitar Mercenary is all about!

Music Shops

Offer your guitar customers something they’ll love - while you enjoy the benefits of zero costs, zero extra inventory, and a monthly passive income stream. Everything is taken care of for you, whether it’s a ready-made MGA banner or text ad for your website, physical handouts for your walk-in customers, or both! If your shop has been wanting to carry guitar instructional products, but you’ve balked at the minimum orders and low ROI, offering downloadable books and courses from Metal Guitar Academy is the perfect solution. Your customers will get the best guitar instruction materials available, and you’ll get 40% of every sale. Interested? Click to learn more!


You provide great private instruction for your students. But, what if you could also provide them with excellent supplementary material, and get a 40% cut of everything they buy? Become a Metal Guitar Mercenary, and you can do just that! Your students will not only love the books and courses from MGA, they’ll love knowing that you’re receiving nearly half of the money they spend (and you’ll love that part too). Everything is already provided, whether it’s an MGA banner or text ad for your website, or physical handouts for your private students. Just tell them about the products, give ‘em your link, and collect a full 40% on every sale. Click to learn more!


It costs a lot being in a band - believe me, I know. Having a PayPal account where money magically appears every month - wouldn't that be a nice way to pay for some “extras” (like eating?) Sure would! If you’re in a band, and you’ve got some fans out there that play, becoming a Metal Guitar Mercenary with MGA is a great way to positively influence those guitar fans - and a great way to earn some cash. You’ll earn a full 40% of any downloadable book or course that your fans buy from Metal Guitar Academy. Quickly add a ready-made banner to your website, or print some ready-made promo materials to hand out at shows. Click to learn more!

Social Shredders

Hey, you! Yeah, you - the guitar dude with a billion YouTube subscribers, a trillion Facebook friends, and vigintillions of Twitter followers. What if you could help your entire digital tribe play better by telling them about some of the best guitar instruction on earth, and then keep 40% of what they spend on it? Well, now you can! When you become a Metal Guitar Mercenary with MGA, it’s a win / win / win: your followers get great material from a trusted source, you get their thanks (and 40% of their dough), and Metal Guitar Academy gets promoted. Now that’s what this Brave New World of Social Media is supposed to be all about! Click here to learn more...


Earn Bread While You Shred!

Gimme An Example.

No problem, here’s a realistic one: Let’s say four people click your link and make some purchases over the span of one week. Jack buys an audio course, Mack buys two PDF books, Slim buys an audio course, and Jim gets a PDF book. What’s your cut from that one week from only five guitarists? It’s a full $44. Could you get your link out to 10, 50, or 100 potential shred-spenders in a month? That’s up to you, of course - but just imagine if you did.

Is This For Me?

When it comes to stuff like this, a lot of people think “Yeah, whatever.” And if you notice, those same lots of people don’t have passive income showing up every month in their PayPal account. The fact is, if someone clicks your link and buys, you get paid 40%. So the answer to “Is this for me?” comes down to this: whether you can interest other guitarists in clicking that link. Only you know if you can or not, but it costs you nothing to find out. And you might just be an expert.