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Webinars, Live Q&A Hotseats, Exclusive Courses, and Lots More...Each and Every Month! Become an MGA Patreon Member, and Absorb My Guitar Knowledge Like a Psychic Vampire of Shred!

Online Meets Old-School!

Patreon is an intriguing new platform for MGA, because I can offer pretty much everything I create - including Webinars, audio programs, videos, and one-on-one instruction - in a membership format (for a very low price), but with the potential to reach a lot more people. In order to lay out a veritable Shred Smorgasbord, I’m loading up this MGA Patreon Project with all kinds of Guitar Gratification. You’ll have access to pretty much anything and everything that I do, as it relates to your Guitar Improvement - that’s the overarching vision here.

What You'll Get

+ A new in-depth Webinar each month, about a variety of Guitar topics
+ A "Hotseat" Q&A session, where you can participate live, and get your questions answered
+ Unleash Your Speed 2.0!, and other exclusive courses, only available to MGA Patreon members
+ Spy on my practice sessions, recording sessions, and writing sessions
+ Master's Arena lessons, with new accompanying videos
+ Lots more special Guitar instructional goodies!

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