Note Knowin'!

It's Like "The Force" in Star Wars!

Metal Guitar Academy's Brett Miller teaches you what notes are, how to find them confidently on the fretboard, why it's so important to know them, and most importantly, effective ways to actually practice knowing all the notes on the guitar neck.

Most Guitarists don't know where the notes are, can't find them quickly, and certainly won't bother to memorize them. Why? Because this stuff is usually not taught at all by most instructors, or is presented in such a way that it's booorrrrinngg!

In marked contrast, this Webinar focuses on ways to practice knowing your notes that are more fun and effective. Being able to confidently and quickly find any note, anywhere on the neck, is so incredibly important to everything that you could possibly ever play. Sounds overly dramatic? Nope! It's the absolute truth.

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