Pentatonic Power!

Stop Getting Stuck

With detailed explanations and examples, Brett will help you truly understand how this important scale works - what it is, where it comes from, and how you can use it all over the neck, confidently and competently!

If you've been frustrated with getting stuck, only being able to play in one area or box at a time, and not feeling like you can flow and jump around all over the neck, then forget about "blues guitar heatmaps", and all that free garbage that you see advertised on Facebook. This course is for you.

If you're a Beginner or Intermediate player, don't miss this. You'll learn the real deal about how to solo with the Pentatonic scale, with an 80 minute video of Brett explaining and demonstrating all of the concepts, plus 15 pages of PDF notes and examples.

Only $10/Month to Access This, and All Other MGA Courses & Lessons!