Unleash Your Speed!

Devastating Speed and Power

You're on a mission - to play faster and better than ever before. With Unleash Your Speed 2.0! you’ll get your hands on the secret weapon that’s helped hundreds of guitarists around the world say “Mission Accomplished”. This comprehensive course delivers the goods: over 45 minutes of audio and a 15-page PDF example workbook, with technique building strategies and exercises for Legato, Speed Picking, Sweep Picking, and Tapping.

You won’t just read the examples in the workbook - you'll hear them all performed at both slow and fast speeds, along with detailed explanation and instruction. Listen to Unleash right on the Patreon app, for super-convenient Shred practice, anywhere you have your phone.

This course is designed for players at any level - you can jump in right away and gain the benefits immediately.

Only $10/Month to Access This, and All Other MGA Courses & Lessons!